About Me


I am Sadman, a Software Engineering student at University of Waterloo. I have a wide range of interests and experience in graphics, network, security, game programming, robotics, NLP, AI, etc.

I have previously worked at Deloitte’s d{} innovation lab building a real-time communications architecture for the mining sector, worked on Autodesk Live, an arch-viz product using game engine concepts, and worked at Extreme Networks contributing to their wireless LAN controller product. I’m currently also leading my university’s Nano robotics groups’ software team, and have won several competitions internationally as part of the team.

I spend a lot of my free time exploring various programming fields, through building side projects, reading books, and researching opinions. My focus right now is to go breadth first so that I can cover as much ground as I can and then make the right choice when the time comes in terms of which of the major computing fields I would want to explore.

I maintain a bunch of techy hobbies, such as getting the most out of open source projects. I love building stuff by myself, and other DIY stuff: My Gaming Computer, or even my personal server, where I host my own git server, my website, blog, personal syncthing instance (password protected), etc. Also there are other projects that I’m in the process of deploying, such as CozyCloud, Matrix, Diaspora, and other projects that I come across.

I also like writing a lot, which usually entails very unpopular opinion or some tech adventure I found myself in the middle of. Recently I picked up more reading because apparently that’s what smart people do (lol?), but it has actually been pretty great. I read mostly educational books about programming, but also read other types of both fiction and non-fiction books every now and then. Other than those, I play the guitar, and love playing soccer, ping pong and volleyball in my free time.

I’m currently looking for an internship for the summer of 2017. Be sure to take a look at my resume, LinkedIn and developer story.