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I am Sadman, a Software Engineering student at University of Waterloo, graduating in April, 2019. I have a wide range of interests and experience in graphics, network, security, game programming, robotics, NLP, AI, etc. Currently looking for full-time positions starting in Fall 2019.

My most recent career adventures have been in the field of deep learning infrastructures. I started off at a start-up building a new processor unit and system for acceleration of deep learning algorithms called Wave Computing. Following that, I spent two four- month internships at NVIDIA, first working on an intelligent on-premise home security application for Shield TV and later moved on to work on making self-driving cars smarter.

I have previously worked at Deloitte’s d{} innovation lab building a real-time communications architecture for the mining sector, worked on Autodesk Live, an arch-viz product using game engine concepts, and worked at Extreme Networks contributing to their wireless LAN controller product. I was also a former lead for my university’s Nano robotics groups’ software team, and have won several competitions internationally as part of the team.

I spend a lot of my free time exploring various programming fields, through building side projects, reading books, and researching opinions. My focus throughout my undergraduate career has been to explore breadth-first into various fields. I am currently interested in working on AI and platform engineering (or some combination of both).

I maintain a bunch of techy hobbies, such as getting the most out of open source projects. I love DIY projects: My Gaming Computer, or even my personal server, where I host my own git server, my website, blog, and for my family’s usage: cloud, music server, matrix server (find me at sadman@dispersio.us), and a mastodon instance.

I also enjoy writing a lot, which usually entails helping people find privacy advice or some tech adventure I found myself in the middle of. A few years ago, I rediscovered the joy of reading because apparently that’s what smart people do (lol?), but it has actually been really great. I read mostly educational books about programming, and non-fiction, but also fiction every now and then.

The non-geeky stuff that I do includes: playing the guitar, singing and recording (stay tuned for when my album drops in the near future), fitness stuff, also love hiking, playing soccer, ping pong and volleyball in my free time. Whale watching is my favourite activity.

I’m currently looking for full-time opportunities starting in Fall 2019. Take a look at my resume, LinkedIn and developer story.